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Mal Bray

Colwyn Bay, Conwy


‘You don’t take a photo, you make it’ – Ansel Adams. I like to develop Images which capture the spirit of places and things. Recreating not only what I saw but also how I felt. I encourage my memory to enhance those experiences further, through subsequent development and modification, whilst preserving the basic integrity of the subject.

I have been involved in art and design for over 35 years working mainly in design/advertising and latterly in art and photographic education. Initially I trained as an illustrator/graphic designer and my photographic skills are based around balancing perceived compositional elements with appropriate technical skills.

I accept a wide range of photographic briefs which include highly conceptual imagery,weddings and events and specialized applications such as large stitched 360 degree panoramas and macro photography. My broad based arts background allows me to consider and plan for the wider design requirements that many clients need in their photographic or graphic briefs.

On this site I am showcasing mainly my own personal photographs taken whilst traveling in Spain, Florida and across the UK. I hope that they capture a place and a moment in a way that others can share and enjoy here. I welcome any feedback in the comments section or drop me an email…it would be nice to know more about the good people who bother to look at my work!

I have some commercial images covering weddings & events, stock, print, web, products and architecture available here:

If you need specific commissions please take a look.

PLEASE NOTE: All images and content contained herein are © Malcolm Bray and all rights are reserved. No image or content herein may be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for any purpose without my express consent.


The Smiths by Mal Bray


I am the Greatest by Mal Bray


The Patriot by Mal Bray


Chameleon, Comedian, Corinthian and Caricature by Mal Bray


Natural Mystic by Mal Bray


Jimi at Woodstock by Mal Bray


London Calling by Mal Bray


Enjoy or Die by Mal Bray


Sid Lives by Mal Bray


The Last Goddess by Mal Bray


We Only Said Goodbye With Words by Mal Bray


Not To Die But To Be Reborn by Mal Bray


Amy by Mal Bray



Body and Soul by Mal Bray


Django by Mal Bray


And Who by Fire Who by Water by Mal Bray


Moon, Turn the Tides, Gently Gently Away by Mal Bray


Bob Dylan A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall by Mal Bray


Performing by Mal Bray


Little Bit of Daydream by Mal Bray


The Wordsmith by Mal Bray


Mahatma Gandhi by Mal Bray


I Walk the Line by Mal Bray


Satchmo by Mal Bray


Kozmic Blues by Mal Bray


Jimi by Mal Bray


Jimi's Fug by Mal Bray


Warhol Inkblot by Mal Bray


Burning Desire by Mal Bray


See with the Eyes of angels by Mal Bray


The Sultan of Swat by Mal Bray


I miss the comfort in being sad by Mal Bray


Cat Stevens by Mal Bray


Eric Burdon by Mal Bray


James Dean by Mal Bray


Purple Haze by Mal Bray


The Ace of Spades by Mal Bray


Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to the Radio by Mal Bray


Rock and Roll Suicide by Mal Bray


Song of the Patriot by Mal Bray


I Saw it Written and I Saw it Say by Mal Bray


For Carlos by Mal Bray


I Wanna Live, i Wanna Give by Mal Bray


Ali by Mal Bray



The Marble Church by Mal Bray


The Marble Church by Mal Bray


Gwydir Uchaf Chapel Conwy Valley by Mal Bray


The Marble Church Interior by Mal Bray